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Dear fellow eBayer

With eBay’s best match search option, the more sales your ‘buy it now’ listing makes, the higher it will show in eBay’s search results. Because the listing is higher in the search results it will get more exposure and make more sales.

It’s like a ‘snowball effect’

More sales pushes your listing further and further up the eBay search rankings which generates even more sales, resulting in more cash in your pocket!

But the problem is this..

‘How do you get your eBay listing to show near the top of page 1 in the eBay best match search results and get lots of exposure and more sales, without paying the extortionate overpriced fees that eBay charge for featured first?’

If you’re like me then you will despise paying eBay fees. It feels like extortion when eBay’s bill comes at the end of the month and you end up forking out 20-30% of you hard earned revenue simply because eBay demand their ‘sellers tax’ and you have no choice but to hand it over.

We all have to pay some eBay fees at some point or another but there is a little trick you can use to reduce the amount you pay, and if you are currently paying for featured first upgrades, this neat little trick will save you money each and every month,

..And without breaching any of eBay’s rules and policies.

In the 'eBay Best Match Boost' listing strategy report and video tutorial you will learn how to..

Top of eBay’s best match search results (Without paying the extortionate featured first upgrade fees)

If you want your product to become the ‘hot seller’ in your chosen market then you need your buy it now listings near the top of page 1 in the best match search results. Most buyers click on the first listing that catches the eye and if you’re listing is not on page 1, it aint going to win any prizes as a hot seller.



Double or even triple your sales by exposing your buy it now listings to more buyers, at no extra cost!

It can mean the difference between selling 1 product per day if your listing is on page 2, or selling 5 products per day if your listing is on page 1, or even 10 products per day if you’re listing is at the top of page 1

If you are currently paying for Featured Plus, cut your eBay listing fees every month and get the same if not MORE exposure for your buy it now listings!

Featured Plus upgrades are just dammed expensive and more than any true eBay entrepreneur would ever want to pay to get exposure to their best products. That's why the true eBay entrepreneurs don't have to pay for featured plus and get more exposure by using smart selling startegies

100% allowed according to eBay’s Policies so you will most definitely not be breaking any of the rules
(In Fact, eBay will reward you for it)

Sell more by selling smarter. To make more sales on eBay the last thing you want is to upset eBay’s rules and policies apple cart. By implementing this simple but ‘smart’ sales strategy you will most definitely not be breaking any of eBay’s rules, regulations or policies. eBay doesn’t have a problem with smart sellers!

Encourage more sales by placing this simple ‘buy it now’ snippet of html in your auctions (which I will provide you with)

Make Every sale you generate from a simple auction listing count towards boosting your ‘buy it now’ listings further and further up the eBay best match search ladder - which means your buy it now listing will edge their way even closer to the top of the best match search rankings.

If you use eBay’s Featured First listing upgrade, it is currently costing you money each and every day, which amounts to thousands over the course of a year and that applies to each and every Featured First Listing Upgrade you use.

Backed with Real-World Results! For just $19.95 (That’s less than the cost of a featured first listing upgrade would cost for just 72hrs), You can download this 15 page pdf report and video tutorial and start implementing The Secret "Best Match Boost, Smart Selling Srategy” I'm About to Show You..

PLUS You will also receive..

Bonus #1 - “Delight” Your Buyers in Return for Excellent Feedback And DSR Ratings (Without Even Lifting A Finger)

Change one simple thing in your eBay listings which will “Delight” your buyers leaving them scrambling to leave you Shining Positive Feedback and an Excellent DSR rating, and you won’t even have to do anything more than what you were already doing!

Bonus #2 - 15 Small Graphics That Save You Money When Placed in Your eBay Item Decsriptions, You Can Use Them For Free!

Make more sale when you simply insert any of these 25 images in your ebay auctions, you will start generating more sales and more profit within minutes! And you can use all of these graphics for Free.

A No-Risk 99-Day Money-Back Guarantee Try the'eBay Best Match Boost' Report & Video Tutorial for 99 days

If, after you put this ebay listing strategy to the test and try it for ninety-nine-days, you find that the 'eBay Best Match Boost Listing Strategy' hasn’t helped you land more sales, simply return it for a complete no-hassle refund. And the FREE bonus “Delight your buyers tip” and "25 Money Saving Graphics" are yours to keep even if you ask for your money back!

There’s simply no way you can lose with this iron clad money back

"The report you are about to download is completely and originally created by John Baxter... It's not a PLR product or resale rights product. There's NOTHING remotely like it available anywhere else, online or offline"
Discover the Secret that Titanium Powersellers Use (But Want to Keep Hidden From Other eBayer’s) to ‘Bump up’ Buy it Now eBay listings to the Top of Best Match search results Without paying Extortionate Featured First eBay Fees and Without Breaking any Rules  - Guaranteed!

"Boost Your Buy-It-Now eBay Listings To The Top Of eBay's Best Match Search, To Triple Your Sales And Make Even More Money On Autopilot!"

It Works Like Magic And Almost Nobody Knows About It.
You’ll Ask Yourself, How Can Something So Simple Se So Powerful?
(The top Powersellers are going to despise me for
spilling the beans on this secret listing strategy!)

How to leverage auction style listings that appear at the top of the first page search results as the time elapses. Take advantage of this by making any potential auction sales count towards your buy it now sales count which is the main factor ebay uses to determine which buy it now listing will appear first
Once the snippet of html is saved, there's nothing more to do other that watch your buy it now listing climb up the rankings
Get the secret html code that makes all this work - I will hand it over to you which will make other Powersellers cringe!
You don’t have to be a computer whiz to do this, if you can copy and paste you can implement this strategy and start boosting your sales right away
100% legal in line with eBay’s rules, policies and regulations. In fact, eBay will actually reward you for being a ‘smart seller’
30 minutes from start to finish is all it takes to implement this smart selling strategy that will pull in more sales and profits, continuously
You will not be disrupting any other sellers listings by implementing this strategy, except that you will be the one making more sales
Step-by-step tutorial shows you exactly how to implement this smart sellers listing strategy
Forget paying for featured first listing upgrades, you simply need to make more sales by implementing this nifty little strategy
There's a saying that goes like this..'a fool and his money are easilly parted' - let that fool be someone else, and not you!
Use smart selling strategies that hardly no one else is using to
make more money 'the smart way' and to keep more cash in your
Save thousands in listing fees every year for each and every featured plus listing you are currently paying for, simply by using this method
Get maximum exposure for all your buy it now listings in the FASTEST time possible without paying huge upgrade fees.
Increase your eBay revenue and proffits by 5 or 10 times that of your current total revenue
How to leverage your auction format sales to count towards
your buy it now listings sales. The competiton will be scratching their heads wondering how you do it
If your buy it now listing currently makes one sale each day, imagine how much more money you will make if the same listing makes 5 or 10 sales per day
Impliment this trick and within minutes your standard buy it
now listings will be edging their way higher and higher up the search rankings closer to the top of ebay best match search results on the first page
No need to pay for expensive featured plus listing upgrades saving you a ton of money each and every month
Watch your product mature into a 'hot seller' and experince the the true value of implimenting this simple selling strategy
Every time a potential buyer enters the relevant search term into ebay’s search bar, your listing will be one of the first the buyer sees
Boost Your ‘Buy it Now’ eBay listings to the top of the eBay Search Results (Without paying expensive featured first listing upgrade fees)
Double or even triple your sales by exposing your buy it now listings to more buyers, at no extra cost!
If you pay for Featured Plus listing upgrades, cut your eBay Listing Fees every month and get the same if not MORE exposure for your buy it now listings!
100% Allowed according to eBay’s Policies so you will most definitely not be breaking any of the rules
Encourage more sales by placing simple ‘buy it now’ link graphics in your auctions with a simple snippet of html (that I am going to give you)
Pdf report describes exactly how this works providing you with screen shots and a real life example of a listing being boosted up the search results

+ Step-by-step video tutorial recording of my pc screen as I show you exactly how to implement the secret code into your listings which creates maximum exposure for your buy it now listings which ultimately generates more sales and makes you more money

+ Get the secret html code Powersellers don’t want you to know about, I hand it over to you on a plate 

This combined value of this package is at least $98 but you can get it now for just $19.95 - Why? Because for a short time only, I want you to be able to access this strategy and find out for yourself how successfully it works so I am practically giving away this system..

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